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Energy Saving

Saving energy – our commitment

Domestic households alone account for almost 20 percent of our national greenhouse gas emissions. Living Electrics is committed to supplying electrical solutions that help you reduce our impact on the environment and save you money on your electricity bill.

Most energy in Australia is created by burning fossil fuels such as coal, gas or oil. This process releases large amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere which increases the risk of global warming. Most of us refer to this as the Greenhouse Effect.

Not only does producing energy such as electricity mean more carbon dioxide, but it also means we are using finite, non-renewable resources. So for many reason, energy efficiency is a responsibility we take seriously.

Saving energy is more than just a consideration; it is fast becoming a necessity. Wherever possible, we will recommend and install energy-saving products and look at the best options to support energy efficiency.

Energy Saving Consulting

To help you support the environment, Living Electrics provides a range of expert energy saving services – for both residential and commercial premises.

Energy Audit

A qualified electrician will come to your business and review your current energy consumption and what type of appliances you are using. Based on this comprehensive audit, we will make a series of energy saving recommendations. We have found that clients who implement our recommendations save between 15 and 30 per cent on their power bills!


A standard residential energy audit – including documented recommendations – takes approximately 3 hours.

Our fee for this service is: $165.00.

Energy audits for businesses are quoted on a case-by-case basis.

Contact us now to book an energy audit for your home or business.

Solar Power installations

Solar power is a sustainable and environmentally friendly supplement or alternative to electricity supplied from the normal “grid”. It can also save you money!

Living Electrics can assist with any or all of your solar power requirements from providing advice on the most effective use of solar power in your home or commercial environment though to full installation.

We are across the current government rebate schedule for home and business solar installations and can help you with this process.

Contact us now for advice and a quote on your solar power needs.

New homes, renovations or “off the plan” developments

All new homes and buildings must now meet certain government regulations relating to energy efficiency and reducing our carbon footprint. At Living Electrics we can take this one step further! Whether you are renovating an existing premises or planning to build from scratch, we can review your architectural plans to ensure you take advantage of every opportunity to reduce your energy consumption while still retaining the integrity of your designs.

Contact us to find out how we can help deliver an energy saving plan for your home, business or building project.

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